Terms and Condition
Terms and Condition

By registering on this site I agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. All the particulars submitted by me (submitted by me) are absolutely correct and all are given in my conscious mind. I understand that if any information is found to be incorrect, action will be taken as per applicable laws.

2. I understand that my truck registered for one quarry's queue cannot be transferred to another quarry or registration canceled until the queue is completed.

3. My registration slip will be sent to my email and mobile number before 30 hours. Until then I know the waiting time is approximate.

4. I have to bring the truck on the day allotted to me. I know that neither I nor the driver need to wait at the quarry with the lorry until I receive the booking receipt with the secret code.

5. I understand that in the event of cessation of quarry production, the waiting and confirmed list will automatically be canceled and trucks will be allowed to register at another quarry.

6. If the driver is under the influence of alcohol at the time of coming to collect sand or if the registration number of the lorry does not match with the number on the reservation slip, the registration will be canceled and no sand will be supplied. I am aware that if the same incident continues the truck will be added to the banned trucks list.

7. Lorry bookings and confirmed bookings may be canceled at any time due to technical or unforeseen circumstances. TNsand shall not be liable for any loss to truck owners in case of such cancellation. Just because a lorry is booked or confirmed does not guarantee that sand will be delivered.

8. Users must check their order details are correct before submitting them to avoid any issues or irregularities caused by network or technical difficulties.

9. In order to prevent any difficulties in receiving emails and text messages, users must provide a valid email address and phone number so that the user can receive messages/information without any problems.

10. If the user is unable to receive any messages due to internet or technical issues, they may retrieve their order status by logging into the www.tnsand.in website using their username and password, or by contacting Customer Support/WhatsApp Support.

11. The user must provide accurate personal information and login credentials to gain access to their order status. If any inaccurate information is provided, the user may be denied access to their order status.

12. If any technical issues occur while using the www.tnsand.in website, the user may seek assistance from the customer service team through provided channels.

13. The user must agree to the terms and conditions to receive access to their order status, and any failure to comply with these terms may result in the denial of their access.